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Incoming exchange students

Welcome to the Faculty of Biosciences at the University of Heidelberg. We are the Student Union of Biology at the University of Heidelberg. We are students that work voluntarily in organisations of the faculty, organize events and provide other students with advise and sell things like dissecting instruments. You can find us in room 046 in the building called Theoretikum (INF 305) or just write us an email.

After your arrival in Heidelberg and after inscription you should make an appointment with our coordinator Andrea Wolk.

Application to courses (you can find all of them online in the LSF System):

  • Lectures – application not necessary.
  • Seminars: via email; in case of a published first meeting an extra application is not necessary
  • Practicals: application period for courses published at LSF is the first week of the lecture period. Forms are available only then. Applications to research practicals (lab rotations) should send directly to the groups
  • Exams: your examiner will tell whether and how to register for exams

Most courses of our Bachelor’s program are taught in German, whereas most courses of our Master’s program are taught in English.

The university offers an accomodation service designed for Incoming students taking part in exchange programs who are looking for accomodation.

There is an Erasmus Student Network (ESN) in Heidelberg.

General Information provided by the University